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The 12 Most Common Questions

Most of us dont think about credit until a specific event sparks out interest. Maybe we want to buy a car or home. Or perhaps we receive a preapproved credit card offer in the mail.

It's then that questions come to mind: What's in a credit report? How are credit-granting decisions made? How does my name get on a mailing list?

This information contains answers to these and other common questions about credit reporting and direct-marketing lists, two of Experians business activities. We're sharing this information to help people become more active, more effective partners in this important process.

  1. What is a consumer credit report?
  2. What information does a consumer credit report contain?
  3. What information is not in a credit report?
  4. How can I get a copy of my credit report?
  5. What should I do if I find an error in my credit report?
  6. Can "credit repair" clinics fix my bad credit?
  7. How does a credit reporting agency help me?
  8. Do credit reporting companies decide whether I should get credit?
  9. How are credit-granting decisions made?
  10. How does divorce affect a person's credit?
  11. How does my name get on a mailing list?
  12. How can I remove my name from prescreen offers and marketing lists?

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