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Are FICO scores the only credit risk scores?

No. While FICO scores are the most commonly used credit risk scores in the US, lenders may use other scores to evaluate your credit risk. These include:

  • Application risk scores. Many lenders use scoring systems that include the FICO score but also consider information from your credit application.

  • Customer risk scores. A lender may use these scores to make credit decisions on its current customers. Also called “behavior scores,” these scores generally consider the FICO score along with information on how you have paid that lender in the past.

  • Other credit bureau scores. These scores may evaluate your credit report differently than FICO scores, and in some cases a higher score may mean more risk, not less risk as with FICO scores.

When purchasing a credit score for yourself, make sure to get the FICO score, as this is the score most lenders will look at in making credit decisions on you


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